How can I register my son/daughter?

-You can register a player one of two ways. 1)Click Here to print a registration form and mail it to the address listed on the form. 2) Come to one of our registration events and sign up in person. Check the Schedule of Events to see when the next registration is scheduled. The first in-person registration is usually in January.

Does NABL require players to do a fundraiser?

-Yes. Each family is required to participate in the fundraiser. This years fundraiser we our sellling soft pretzels. Each family must sell 10 sleeves of soft pretzels. Each sleeve cost $9.00. You may opt out of the selling the soft pretzels by paying a additional $30.00 at the time of registration. This event is important in the finances of the league. It helps keep the registration fees low.

Do you offer a discount if I register more than one child?

-Yes! Each additional child from the same family is only $40 ($35 if the second is in T-Ball).

When does the season start?

-Practices can start the last week of March. Practice schedules are determined by each coach so the number of practices and dates will vary from team to team. T-ball, G-Ball, 8U, F-Minors/Majors, 10U, 14U, and 20U all start playing games at the end of April and play until the end of June.

What days are games played?

-Games are played Mon-Fri evening and some on Saturday. No games are played on Sundays, with the exception of the final rounds of the tournament. No games are played on Holiday weekends. Most teams play an average of two games a week.

I am intersted in coaching. What do I need to do?

-If you would like to coach a team, contact Earl Elworth. All of our coaches are volunteers so we are always looking for help. A league is only as good as it's coaches!

Do I need to have coaching experience?

-Of course it helps, but it is not a requirement especially in the younger divisions. The only thing we ask is that if you volunteer, you take the responsibility seriously. You need to be organized, able to communicate well with the parents on your team, and willing to put in the time needed to prepare your team. Also keep in mind this is a recreational league. Everyone wants to win but you can not have the attitude that winning is everything. You must be willing to praise them when they win and encourage them when they lose.

What does the league supply my son/daughter?

-We supply each player with a jersey, hat or visor, and socks. Every team has bats for players to use. The only thing you will need to supply is a glove, cleats, and baseball pants (some of the softball teams wear shorts, but that is a team decision)

My child has never played and he/she is old enough to play on either the t-ball team or coach- pitch team. Do I have to start them in t-ball?

-No, but we highly recommend it. Everyone feels that if their child can hit a ball thrown to them and catch a soft toss, they are ready to play coach pitch and bypass t-ball. That is not really the case.

T-ball teaches the basics of fielding in a much less competitive environment. One year of t-ball and learning what to do with the ball when it is hit to them makes a world of difference when they move up to the much faster and more competitive coach pitch divisions. You will set your child up for much more success by giving them that year of instruction. For more information about the benefits of the t-ball program, contact  Earl Elworth .