NABL Constitution
NABL Constitution

This organization shall be known as the Northmont Amateur Baseball & Softball League, Inc. (NABL).
A. The objective of the Northmont Amateur Baseball & Softball League shall be to implant firmly in the youth of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and reverence so that they be finer, stronger, happier youths and grow to be good, clean, healthy adults. B. This objective will be achieved by providing supervised competitive baseball and softball games. The Supervisors, Managers, and Coaches shall bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill or the winning of games is secondary, and that the molding of future adults is their primary goal.
A. The government of the NABL shall be under the supervision of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees shall consist of eleven members elected by and from the membership. These eleven members shall, in turn, elect from this group a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Equipment Manager.
B. Election for the Board of Trustees shall be held at an open Board meeting in September. The time and place of this meeting shall be determined by the present Board of Trustees.
C. The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Equipment Manager shall automatically be members of the Board of Trustees the year following their election to the above mentioned offices. All other members of the Board of Trustees shall have one year terms, but may seek re-election.
D. Candidates must either be present at the time of nomination and ballot, or submit to the President a written request for acceptance of nomination either prior to the meeting or by proxy at the meeting. Candidates receiving the highest number of ballots shall be declared elected to the available openings on the Board of Trustees. Newly elected members shall assume the duties of office at the first Board meeting of both new and old Board members.
E. Election of officers within the Board of Trustees must be held each year at the first new Board meeting, following election to the Board by the membership.
F. Upon resignation of any Board member, the remaining members shall appoint within thirty days a member to fulfill the remaining term of office.
G. All matters concerning the policy and operation of the Northmont Amateur Baseball & Softball League shall be decided by a vote of the Board of Trustees and no motion shall be carried without a majority vote of Trustees present at a duly constituted meeting.
H. The President shall appoint all special committee chairpersons.
I. The President may appoint additional trustees to the Board, subject to a majority vote by the trustees. All trustees must be notified of the meeting and its purpose.
A. The regular meetings of the corporation shall be held monthly as determined by the Board of Trustees at a time and place left to their discretion. All other meetings shall be open to only Board members, unless waived by a majority of the Board of Trustees.
B. A majority of the members of the Board of Trustees shall constitute a quorem at any meeting and a majority vote of trustees present shall govern.
C. Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings of all meetings except where same conflicts with the Constitution or by-laws of the Northmont Amateur Baseball & Softball League.
A. Managers of competitive teams shall be annually selected and approved by the Board of Trustees. Managers shall be responsible for their selections of their teams and for their personal actions on the field. In order to be considered for a Manager's position, and to be selected and approved by the Board of Trustees, a request in writing must be submitted. B. All Managers and Coaches shall be at least eighteen years of age. Exceptions may be made only by the Board of Trustees.
A. Any youth meeting the requirements as set forth in the playing rules shall be eligible to participate in the Northmont Amateur Baseball & Softball League, Inc.
B. GENERAL MEMBER: Such a member shall be a parent or legal guardian of a child registered in NABL. A General Member shall have the entitlement of one vote in the election of officers (not to exceed two votes per family), the privilege of running for office, the privilege of being appoited as a Supervisor, and the privilege of serving on committees.
C. SPECIAL MEMBER: Such a member shall be a Manager or Coach of an NABL team and shall be eligible to membership regardless of whether or not that Manager or Coach has a child registered in the program. A Special Member shall be extended the same privileges as a General Member.
D. EXECUTIVE MEMBER: Such a member shall be a member of the Board of Trustees and is eligible of membership regardless of whether or not that trustee has a child registered in the program. In addition to the same privileges extended to a General Member, an Executive Mamber shall have the privilege of voting on all Board matters and the privilege to amend these by-laws.
E. HONORARY MEMBER: Such a member shall be named by the Board of Trustees for past service or contribution to the program. An Honorary Member shall be extended the same privileges as a General Member.
F. The Board of Trustees, by a majority vote at any duly constituted meeting, shall have the authority to suspend or revoke any member's rights to participate should that person's conduct be considered as detrimental to the best interest of the orgnization.
A. The Board of Trustees shall decide all matters pertaining to the finance of the League, and it shall place all revenue in a common League Treasury. Expenditures exceeding $50.00 must be approved by a majority of the Board of Trustees.
A. All NABL League ground rules and rules of procedure or changes thereof shall be presented at the regular January meeting and voted on by the membership at the regular February meeting.
A. The PRESIDENT shall:

1. Preside at the regular meetings of the Board of Trustees and at any special meetings.
2. Appoint all committees and Division Supervisors
3. Make interim appointments as needed with the approval of the Board of Trustees.
4. Sign all contracts with the approval of the Board of Trustees.
5. Appoint trustees to the Board with the approval of the Board of Trustees.
6. Call special meetings when necessary.
7. Assist in planning the registration in January and conducting the drafts in March for players 12 years of age or younger, and in April for all players 13 years of age or older.
8. Verify dates of National Youth Sports Coaches Association meetings and pass information on to league Supervisors in March.
B. The VICE PRESIDENT shall perform the duties of an absent President and shall perform such duties as are assigned by the President.
C. The SECRETARY shall:
1. Record the minutes of all proceedings of the regular and special meetings of the Board of Trustees.
2. Handle the correspondence of the corporation.
3. Mail notices of board meetings to board members one week in advance of all regularly scheduled board meetings.
D. The TREASURER shall:
1. Have charge of the funds of the corporation.
2. Make monthly written reports to the Board of Trustees and an annual financial report showing performance against budget.
3. Sign all checks.
4. Shall have all bank statements and bank correspondence mailed directly to the President
5. Keep restricted funds of the corporation in separate accounts.
6. Be chairperson of the Finance Committee.
7. Submit a budget for board approval at the open meeting in October.
E. The PAST PRESIDENT shall serve as advisor to the Executive Committee and shall in general lend his expertise in matters vital to the work of the corporation.
1. Assume responsibility for the division for which he or she is appointed.
2. Be responsible for obtaining Managers for their respective division, subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.
3. Relay information to the Managers as directed by the President.
4. Keep the team standings.
5. Make sure that accurate pitching records are turned in bythe Managers.
6. Report to the Board any violation of League rules by any Manager or Coach.
7. Hold a Manager's meeting to inform the Managers of their responsibilities.
8. Receive and distribute uniforms, balls, schedules, and any other materials or supplies as directed by the President.
9. At the end of the season, collect all equipment belonging to the League.
10. Assist in conducting the draft for the League in the division for which he or she is responsible, in accordance with the League draft procedures.
1. Assume responsibility for all NABL practice and playing fields.
2. Determine maintenance needs of the playing fields, such as new fencing, repairs to existing fencing, dirt for diamonds, maintenance equipment requirements and repairs. Submit estimate of dollar requirements for inclusion in budget to be submitted at October board meeting.
3. Coordinate the erecting of outfield fences prior to beginning of practice in April.
4. Enlist volunteers to help in the marking, mowing, and maintenance of fields.
5. Make weekly checks of all fields to see that they are properly marked, safe, and free of rocks and debris.
6. Coordinate the dismantling of outfield fences at end of season.
1. Assume responsibility for the equipment of the corporation.
2. Distribute all equipment and uniforms to the League Supervisors and keep a record of such distribution.
3. At the end of each season collect, sort, inventory, and store all reusable equipment and submit a written inventory to the President.
1. Prepare and arrange for the printing and distribution of the playing schedules for all regular season games with the approval of Board of Trustees and League Supervisors.
2. Reschedule rainouts and contact League Supervisors, the Director of Umpires, the Director of Fields, and Concession Stand Scheduler of rainout changes.
3. Prepares schedule of field duty.
1. Be responsible for assigning umpires for all regular season and makeup games.
2. Hold umpire clinics in advance of season to instruct umpires regarding the rules and conduct of umpires.
3. Obtain all league schedules from Director of Scheduling and prepare a complete schedule of umpires assigned to each game to be mailed out to all umpires in advance of Opening Day.
4. Arrange with Treasurer and Director of Concessions for their prompt payment of umpires.
5. Monitor umpire performance during the season.
K. The DIRECTOR OF PUBLICITY shall assume responsibility for the collecting and publishing of the news of the corporation, such as notice of registration dates, coaches clinics information, and team standings and team game articles for the newspaper.
1. Present at the October board meeting a sponsor letter to be sent in October to all previous sponsors and any potential sponsors detailing sponsorship requests.
2. During January solicit new sponsors at registration, contact past sponsors who have not responded to sponsorship letter, and have all sponsors sign the sponsor's contract.
3. Mail invoices to committed sponsors and assist the Treasurer in collecting sponsor fees.
4. Before the draft in February, prepare for the President alist showing the teams with assigned sponsors and the son or daughter, if any, attached to a sponsor.
5. Coordinate the preparation of any sponsor display boards which may be required during the season.
6. Coordinate the distribution of sponsor plaques when received from the Director of Pictures.
1. Assume responsibility for soliciting vendors and submit list to the Board.
2. Submit a budget with requests for equipment, or improvements to the concession stand, to the treasurer for inclusion in the budget to be approved by the Board of Trustees at the October Board meeting.
3. For single purchases including capital equipment in excess of fifty dollars ($50.00), multiple bids (at least two) must be obtained and the vendor shall be approved by the Board of Trustees. Collective purchases in excess of the above amount will not include food stuffs.
4. See that a daily record of cash flow is maintained. Submit on a monthly basis to the Treasurer, a summary of the daily records of umpire fees paid, vended sales, purchases, and all other cash flow items.
5. Make regular bank deposits of all money collected from concession sales.
6. Organize concession Opening Day volunteers.
7. Comile a list of concession stand "Do's" and "Don'ts" to be approved by the Board and subsequently posted in the concession stand.
8. Make arrangements to get the concession stand license.
9. Arrange for and supervise concession stand workers.
10. Supervise the concession stand team scheduler, concession stand supplies purchaser, and concession assistant who have the following responsibilities:
CONCESSION STAND TEAM SCHEDULER - Assigns teams for concession stand duty, collects names of volunteers from each team who has committed to work in the concession stand on dates scheduled, notify teams about dates rescheduled due to rain, contact teams weekly to remind them about concession duty. CONCESSION STAND SUPPLIES PURCHASER - See that concession stand items are purchased and available for sale on a regular basis. CONCESSION STAND ASSISTANT - To be available to help with any of the above items as requested by the Director of Concessions.
1. Get player registration forms approved as soon as possible by he new board.
2. Get board approval for registration dates and methods to be used for registration in the upcoming season.
3. Secure location and dates to be used for registration.
4. See that all required registration forms and letters are printed and available for registration.
5. Coordinate distribution and collection of registration forms.
6. Prepare for the league supervisors a listing of all players who are registered as of the draft dates in February.
7. Notify league supervisors of any late registrations received after the draft.
1. At the direction of the board, present for board approval the fund raising activity for the year at the November board meeting.
2. Coordinate all activities related to fundraiser, including distribution of fundraising literature at team representative meeting.
1. Obtain permit from city for parade on date approved by the board.
2. Coordinate all activities related to fundraiser, including distribution of parade details at the team representatives meeting.
1. Obtain board approval of picture supplier and confirm date of pictures with supplier.
2. Coordinate all activities related to pictures, including distribution of picture schedules at team representatives meeting. 3. See that the sponsorship plaques are prepared and given to the director of sponsors for distribution.
1. At the February board meeting obtain board approval for date of team representatives meeting to be held the last week of March or first week of April.
2. Contact city and make arrangements for use of facility for meeting.
3. Collect from the appropriate directors the following items for distribution at team representatives meeting: concession duty sheets, concession stand schedule, picture envelopes and schedule, team game schedules, fundraising literature, uniforms, and any other items to be distributed at that time.
1. Obtain board approval of supplier of trophies at the April board meeting.
2. Obtain confirmation from board about numbers of trophies to order by division at May board meeting and place order immediately with supplier for delivery date at least one week before date needed.
3. Cost of trophies in total must not be greater than amount approved by budget without board approval.
4. See that all trophies are at the ball diamonds when needed for distribution.
A. This constitution maybe amended by two-thirds vote of the Board of Trustees present and voting at any regular meeting, provided that the amendment has been presented by a trustee in writing at the previous regular meeting.